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lethargic bird

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I have 5 backyard layers. 1 of them has been lethargic for 4 days now. green poo. comb and beard are droopy. I will not put a lot of money into her at vet. they do have an antibiotic to add to water at farm supply store. should I buy that and quarantine her.  I don't want her to suffer either. will this illness pass or will she? the other 4 birds are fine. I checked vent yesterday, there doesn't appear to be an obstruction.

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Any other symptoms?
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lack 0f appetite. I bought a different food and none of the birds seem to care for it but still pick at grass and bugs. I am grabbing a different kind today

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Here a poop whats normal and whats not.
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thanks for the link. none of these really are it. I must also comment on your ​name. are you?

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A Jesus freak you mean yes i am i am a christian a follower of christ. I am sorry non of those are it maybe some one who knows more about chickens can help i am pretty new to chickens, i have a clue as to what could cause that but you said she not eating the food maybe thats it but that doesnt explain her being lethargic mm..
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I am a Christian also. thanks for your help. I will just keep an eye on her. she gets in roost at night and moves about to sleep in different spots during day. she put up a fight when I try to catch her to check on her. but she is warm to the touch, like running a fever.


take care and blessings to you

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They tend to run 104 normally, and could she possible need to be dewormed i think thats another thing that could cause it let me see if i can get the a person on here that knows alot about chickens for you.
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@bozyboo , can you post a picture of her poop?



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