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Please help, my hen is freaking out!

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I have two 6 month old Austrolorp Hens and the runt of the two, Maebel, has had a few episodes... It started about a month ago.  She had been having little fits that seemed like a short seizure where she would squawk, flap her wings and back up then settle down and curl up in a ball and wouldn't move for a few minutes.  At the time, we attributed this to dehydration as it was hot summer and we were trying to convert our hens to a nipple feeder.  I made sure they have had plenty of water with electrolytes, food and shade and she seemed to recover the next day.  shortly after that, she somehow got out of the run and broke her beak and cut her wing.  I was so worried she wouldn't be able to eat or drink from the pain in her beak but she started eating and seemed to be fine and no damage to her wing.


Fast-forward to last week when she got out of the run again and scraped her beak and damaged her wing again... not as bad as last time but she seemed spooked.  I have been checking for signs of entry in the coop or signs of predators but have found nothing.  Now she is having little seizures again like before and her feathers look crumpled and like they are falling out.  The two girls get along well and the other girl Eddy (the bigger of the two) is very protective and loving to her when she goes through these traumas.  So I have ruled out that Eddy is picking on Maebel. 


(you can see the chunk missing from her beak, right under the crown)


(what she looks like after a fit)


(notice her feathers that have fallen out at the bottom of her wing)



I have noticed that sometimes before she as a fit she will poop or her butt with twitch and then back up and then start squawking.  Her poop now looks runny and a little green.  I have attached a picture.





Iv thought about separating them but I feel like that might put more stress on them...?  Do you have any suggestions??  I worry she has a disease or liver problems.  Please help!



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Hi!  I really have no idea what is going on!  :(   Has she started laying yet?  Anything stuck in there?  I hope someone else has more ideas.  Sorry I am not much help!

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What type of feed are you giving them? I would make sure that she is getting a good layer feed, start her on vitamins and electrolytes in her water. Add some of the water to her feed in a bowl with high sides, in case her injured beak is keeping her from eating enough. Chickens do suffer from seizure disorders occasionally, but I would want to make sure it isn't from a vitamin, mineral, or electrolyte deficiency.

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no neither of them have laid eggs yet.

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they get Scratch and Peck organic layer food with the occasional veggies from the garden.  It has gotten dark and she still hasnt gone into the coop with the other bird. She keeps having the fits though. 


Do you think it would help to bring in inside with a heat lamp to monitor her food?

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