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Bloody nostril now wheezing

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I noticed my 17 week old black frizzle bantam had a bloody nostril this morning. She ran around the yard as usual while I cleaned the coop and run. A few hours later I noticed she was wheezing loudly. She seems otherwise normal. Is just just having trouble breathing through an injured nostril? Should I treat her for something?
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It would be good to know if her nostril was pecked, or if she is having some bloody mucus from her beak. ILT, or infectious laryngotracheitis, a respiratory disease that can cause bloody mucus from the nostrils and the mouth, which can be slung around the coop walls by head shaking. Watch her and see if the others seem to be picking on her. ILT usually causes gaping or stretching out of the neck to breathe, along with coughing, wheezing, and other respiratory symptoms.

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