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Hello frow.gif and welcome to BYC!
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thanks for the huge welcome and hello's. it's lovely to be made to feel part of the group already. have a big variety of birds hatching on me, so I have a lot to learn yet.


I have eggs in the incubator as we speak, half auto turning and half hand turning, i'm experimenting with both as I have not had a lot of success with this incubator and quite a few folk have said that they hand turn using the model I have. any way I got a surprise arrival last night when going out to do the egg turn before bed. one of my turkey eggs had pipped all the way round. it was due a week past Thursday making her 5 days late. only by chance the egg was still in there as I have just not taken it out yet. have never heard of an egg hatching that late before, so now i'm kicking myself for taking the rest out. the humidity was low so the poor wee toot got stuck in her membrane. helped her out this am and she's pretty weak and wobbly, her legs look a little bruised hoping if I give her time she will come at. fingers crossed I have called her serenity. which will prob mean she's a boy. Alice turned into a huge stag, and ozwald is a little hen lol

You're welcome, and good luck with your hatch.

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we have a few more hatches this week, among them are 2 from our own hens, Barred ply with nova brown hen, one was hatched black with white spot like the ply and the other completely yellow, the kids were tickled pink, we also got an ayam cemanti chick, he/she has pink toes and tongue and a white bum and wing tips but we love him anyway, and some mixed breed hens bought from online. they are all liking with Serenity the turkey.

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