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Sour Crop Help

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I'm new on this forum and seeking some information on sour crop. I am having my first experience with it - it's been going on for weeks now on one of my 8 month old hens, LuLu. We noticed it for the first time when she was walking around bobbing her head like she needed to vomit. My husband tried to pick her up, and she actually did vomit. I started checking all the sites to find out what to do. I isolated her and vomited her every couple hours. Withheld food, gave her ACV water and plain yogurt. She was in there about 24 hours until I let her out with the flock again. Her crop did not look any less swollen (it is big and squishy, not hard), but she had perked up and acted normal. I've been monitoring her ever since. She walks around, scratches the ground, forages with the other hens - seems normal other than trying to vomit pretty consistently. I was out of town for a week and came back and no change. I couldn't watch it any more. I don't like to vomit her anymore - I've heard it can be so dangerous and hens can asphyxiate (sp?). I now have her isolated again, ACV water, plain yogurt (which she will eat). I'm not sure what else I can do. She's been without food for almost 48 hours. No change to her crop and she is still bobbing her head like she needs to vomit. Will try some scrambled eggs now, but hoping for some more advice. Just not sure how long I should leave her isolated for - no change after 48 hours. Should I have noticed some improvement by now? Also, another side note that may or may not be related - LuLu has always had diarrhea, ever since she was a chick. Also, she has not started laying yet.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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Is there an odor coming from her? Or when she "vomits," is it water? Often, I've seen my birds that are healthy exude water if you pick them up just after drinking.


Have you checked on her in the morning before feeding? If her crop has gone down, she could be perfectly OK.

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Her breath and vomit is very smelly - makes me gag. Vomit is brown and liquidy. Crop does not go down in the morning - always the same size and she is constantly trying to vomit throughout the day - maybe bobbing her head and gagging every couple minutes or so whether she drinks water or not. 

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