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Mareks or eye issues??

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This is my third attempt at trying to post this so I will keep it short and sweet. I have a Bantam Cochin 9 months who has a very swollen puss like eye and her other eye has bubbles on it. I had a Bantam light Brahma who died last week of Meraks typical symptoms of disease split legs paralysis etc. This one has not shown any of the signs but has Eye issues. I do have three Jersey Giants and four 12 week old Americaunas that have a respiratory infection, clear signs of coughing sneezing swollen infected eyes etc but they are separated and medicated. That's a whole other issue sad.png. Pics included. Started putting Terramycin in as precaution but she's sleeping odd hours and isolating herself. As you can read in other posts we have had a lot of death.... And I can't handle much more.
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I see bubbles and swelling in the one eye, along with some swelling around the other, which could possibly be mycoplasma (MG) or another respiratory disease, but don't know what the little bumps are around both eyes. Have you seen any fowl pox in the chickens lately? This looks a little like it could be fowl pox, but I can't be sure. Fowl pox can cause infections in the eyes.

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My turkeys had it for two days then done. Nothing else noted. Turkeys are all gone accept one, sold them off. All my babies have really nasty smelling eyes though! 8 of them. I can't seem to get it cleared up...
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You should try to get some testing done or a necropsy by the state vet to find out what is going on. The bad odor sounds like coryza. Selling off birds from a flock where there is illness may spread it to someone else's birds. Turkeys get MG but not coryza, but they could probably be a carrier, I suppose.

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