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This one got its beak stuck in my wire bator separators!!

   6 out but the wire sucks for DUCKS BEAKS!




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Originally Posted by Fire Ant Farm View Post

Hey folks - here's a top tip for yard work. When you have a huge area of waist high grass to mow with a dinky hand mower with a blunt blade, and you've been at it for about 4-5 hours straight, if you start to lose track of your line and begin to stumble sideways, you MIGHT have gotten dehydrated and need a wee little rest... 

You'd think I'd know better by now. I guess I'm just stubborn like that. ("Just a little more!!!")

Off to go lay back down on the floor. 

- Ant Farm 

If you can feed your chickens in there and within a month it will all be mowed. Depends on how many chickens you have. My weed eaters will take down the orchard grass in about 3 weeks. They'll follow me to the orchard for food in the morning and back to coop at night That way I don't have to worry about snakes.

And I do know the stubborn just a little more stunt as well. Finish this before you break for lunch is what I usually do. lau.gif
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I havent had a chance to congratulate all those on this thread that won the badges today. Well done to each and everyone of you!!!!!!

 My daily ramblings on about nothing



If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.


I speak in silly and smartypants....


A picture is always worth showing.

 My daily ramblings on about nothing



If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.


I speak in silly and smartypants....


A picture is always worth showing.

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Originally Posted by Harborotter View Post
Originally Posted by Akrnaf2 View Post

Did you calibrated your thermometers?

I did and I think I am close.  Most were way off but one was only .2 C off so I try to rely on that one.  You would think that with the prices of incubators, the companies could do a lot better job in designing and constructing them.



Originally Posted by MotorcycleChick View Post
Originally Posted by Harborotter View Post

I wish....  Insomnia

true story!


Originally Posted by Akrnaf2 View Post

Good morninig to you all! EYS!



Originally Posted by BantyChooks View Post

Anyone still remember lil Lucky? She is healthy and thriving now! love.gif







Originally Posted by lazy gardener View Post

Hatching first aid:  Poultry Nutri drench. Bowl of warm water ( for my unconventional assist method)



Originally Posted by LocalYokel View Post
Well you know imma say bacitracin.
Esp. For assists.



Originally Posted by BertandMary View Post

Newbies with a Q. We had a chick pip at the very tip of the egg. It is trying to zip but making little progress. 4 are already out and another is about to pop out. How long should we allow the one to work from the tip before assisting? Went into lock down with 11. Humidity is just over 70%. It is day 21 so we know we ran a bit high causing an early hatch for those closest to the heating element. LG 9300 without fan. Hope that is enough info to help formulate an answer. Thank you in advance




Originally Posted by casportpony View Post
Originally Posted by Ur-ur-ur-urrr View Post
Originally Posted by MotorcycleChick View Post

The last picture I saw of it, had the reflection of your muscles.
Was it like this one? Must be an optical illusion... maybe the dual-pane window magnifying things... or something like that. Hmm......

Very nice!


LOL Kathy and her fit men !!


Originally Posted by COChix View Post

@Sally Sunshine hatch update - day 21 - three hatched so far

One EE and two OE's so far. No other pips seen atm.

awsome!!!! congrats!!

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Our sleet began half an hour ago. The winds are probably 30 or 40 miles an hour already. I knew it was coming, but I still went outside in shorts and a T-shirt. While I was trying to rescue the plastic chairs and bench, my Drake was running around trying to keep up with me. I thought of Banti immediately!
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Originally Posted by casportpony View Post

@Fire Ant Farm and everyone else, BYC has a new member that happens to be a poultry/avian pathologist! I'm very excited to see that they've taken an interest here.




Originally Posted by Frindizzle View Post

I'm on a vacation...... I have.....time..... :th



Originally Posted by Phage View Post
Originally Posted by kwhites634 View Post
Originally Posted by Phage View Post

Only ~ 2000 posts behind on this thread ( 3 LOOOOOONG busy days at work) 


Anything exciting happen here?? 

CH got a job!!!!

Exciting enough?






:woot:weee:ya :thumbsup  :clap   :yiipchick    :highfive:         


That is SOOOOOOOOO fantastic.



#proudmom - and I am not even his mom!!!



Originally Posted by Jessimom View Post

Good afternoon all!  I've been busy, sad events, and happy events.  Said good bye to an incredible dog, and hello to 6 beautiful chicks.  We're on day 22 and no signs of any activity in the remaining 6 eggs.  I need to get those out into a brooder.  I set a bunch more eggs.  



I have a question, one of the chicks has curled toes on ONE foot.  Do I put shoes on both feet, or just the curled toe foot?  


I put it on just the 1 foot and have it in a cup in the incubator.  The other chicks keep jumping in the cup, and the curled toe chick isn't keeping it's foot flat.  If it had shoes on both feet it would probably keep them flat, right?

oh Kathy I am so sorry!!  awwwww  may work better with both yes

Originally Posted by Phage View Post
Originally Posted by DwayneNLiz View Post
Originally Posted by flocktastic View Post

Haven't caught up yet...son ended up with what I'm guessing is the flu. Just finished scrubbing vomit out of his bedroom carpet. I hate carpet. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend so far!

My son just fell asleep so I'm just hanging out...perusing Craigslist...imagine what an awesome bator THIS could be!!!!! 😳

And it's ONLY $75!! which means they only want $50!!!


I think @Sally Sunshine could best put this to use....

That is SO cool, but imagine the damage it could do in so many ways!!!!



Originally Posted by Phage View Post

That brings me to a dilemma...


DH comes back on Tuesday and has and does not want chicks in the house or garage. Fair enough his tools are covered in dander.  Also he also complains about electricity usage (we are 100% solar and over produce  so :rolleyes: ).


Anywho I have 4 bators running (basement, kitchen and 2 in living room, + some chicks hatching (basement) and some 1 weekers in hall. Then no more hatching till the 12th. 



 The bators can be moved to the basement (out of sight) and the chicks collected on Monday.


The plan was to be down to one bator by Tuesday (not happening).  ALSO  I have just been given another 4 doz RARE eggs to hatch, and have another  dozen cream legbars that someone was meant to buy but flaked. If I set the new eggs I will have to hand turn them (I am at work most of the time) OR I could juggle the eggs a bit and hand turn some of the older ones where hand turning less often is less critical.


How critical is turing in the last 9 days of incubation?


Or God forbid not set the last 5 dozen.



Any ideas? 



CAM= chorio-allantoic membrane

Turning should be done through day 17 of incubation, after which the chick is positioning itself for the hatching process. The most important period is from day 1 through day 12, when the chorion and allantois are developing and eventually fuse, forming the chorioallantois. During this time the most critical period is from day 3 through day 7, when the circulatory system is developing and beginning to function. Researchers have found that turning is not necessary past as early as day 14 of chicken egg incubation, although most systems continue to turn the egg through days 17 to 19.



The effects of turning during a critical period for turning, from 3 to 7 days of incubation, were also recorded. Generally, failure to turn eggs retarded growth of the area vasculosa. Turning during the critical period stimulated the extent of growth of the area vasculosa by day 7 of incubation and of subsequent embryonic growth by day 14. Incubation at low temperature resulted both in reduced expansion of the area vasculosa and retarded embryonic growth in a pattern similar to that observed for unturned eggs. It is suggested that turning stimulates development of blood vessels in the area vasculosa via localized increases in blood pressure. 

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"Springing in the Chicks" 2016 April Hatch-a-Long Hosted by Mike & Sally CLICK HERE






TAG HOW to keep typing after you @ someone!  see:post #2469 post #1088


4/3/16 11:31 PM  Sunday


 sarah25bear May 1st  


MMaking Bators:

Bantychooks coolerbator

Chaos18 post #60710


FireAntFarm aka Kristins Tractor coops post #67119  post #68140 post #68171  post #68816

Fire Ant Farms Coops post #49071 post #46144








mlm Mike 4/2 eve 7 Icelandic eggs
Sally Sunshine Always hatching! cochin legbar marans ducks projects serama olive eggers etc.
Fire aka Hero always hatching! shoved 8 under a broody Cochin tonite.

NestingHillsSC  aka Tony always hatching!
Casportspony aka Kathy aka Kat always hatching
TJChickens aka TJ Always hatching

DHetzle aka Dennis  always hatching

PHAGE always hatching! 

jwlpoultry aka Justin  Always Hatching! 3/17 

Auroradream26 aka Jess Always hatching!

Canadachickens  aka cc   Always hatching
Saris aka Lacie I ended up with 12 chicks from the 16 that made it to lockdown. I will be setting again tomorrow evening or Friday, depends on the condition my eggs arrive in because my post office didn't hold them for pick up

LocalYokel aka Yokel 


ChickenLady2014 aka Lisa



gotro17 aka Shellee 

Hawk12 aka Kristie I


Peachickie aka Nicole Decided to set a dozen guinea eggs today, didn't have room in my cabinet incubator sooooo started up one of the backup 'bators

Fire Ant Farm aka Kristin

S5apiotrowski aka Anastasia aka AC  I am setting 15 eggs tonight for the Easter Hatch-a-long.  I have 12 easter-eggers (some should be olive eggers) and 3 Barnvelder eggs - all from my flock.  Will be a little late - but almost decided against setting... I'll be moving soon


Chicken Hawk33  aka CH aka Seth 

Jessimom aka Kathy  I still have 19 out of 21 eggs I set for a friend, due to hatch 4/1.  I have 13 Shipped Salmon Favorelle and 9 of my silkie eggs set to hatch on 4/5.  I have 6 EE and 6 Backyard mixes from a friend, 10 shipped Blue/Buff Cochins and 5 of my silkies set to hatch 4/16.  I've got Auto Sexing EE's, Green Egg layers and Silkie eggs on their way.  Should be here between 4/2 - 4/7.  

HeatherMarieR I had one Ancona starting to hatch yesterday and 4 others still alive. I have quite a few Cochin eggs in the incubator, and some Muscovy eggs. My dogs killed my favorite Muscovy hen the other day, and I'm really hoping that I can hatch some of her eggs.
country lovin  aka Ty 3/25- set 7 cream legbar, 7 sapphire, 5 Sally's projects, 7 lavender Orpington.

caeti21 i had 20 out 24 rir hatch , and 8 conturnix quail out of 12 hatch :-) they are happily living with my hen that went broody and she hatched out 5 eggs herself , right now i only have my six for the hatchalong in the bator to hatch

butterfliesdoku aka Vanessa 

sarah25bear aka Sarah   My update is 41 eggs the farm chick variety of partridge Cochin rooster mating with rir hens and barred rock hens starting at 9pm tonight. 29 fertile eggs 12 clear eggs


CyndiD  I received my SWH, I pulled the plug on them Sunay March 6th, they were all clear except for 1 blood ring. I received a 2nd batch of SWH today and will set them in 2 days.
I have in my bators right now:
12 Pekin duck
3 F/W Runner duck
2 Seabright
2 NH
7 LH
2 Wyan/Aus mix

bauerdog aka Joanne 3/3 just set my eggs for the HAL. 33 total, paint Silkie/showgirls, CCL, Sapphires, white leghorns, Isabelle leghorns, project blue duckwing leghorns, BBS Barred Rocks and BBS Copper Marans.
HAL update...I locked down 19 of the 33 shipped eggs last night. The rest were clears.


Roada Red I have 14 of my flocks eggs in the incubator today is day 8 and they are starting to form and they are mixed with my EE rooster and americauna hen that is also mixed with barred rock salmon faverole and silver penciled rock  3/1 I have 14 chicken eggs I set a few days ago if that counts also


NaJoBeLe aka Nathan 27 out of 34 that went into lockdown hatched.


pjnbill22 3/5 @ noon, Set:

HAL update:

3/15- candled and removed 11 eggs:
2 LO
2 Assorted Silkies
2 Ameraucana 
1 CO
4 Nanci's mutts

Still going 73: (67 chickens + 6 Midget White Turkeys)
25 Nanci's mutts 
8 asst silkies
7 LO
1 CO
1 Jubilee O
1 Ameraucana 
2 Mystery 
15 WPxEE
3 EE


Mirajane  10 Ayam Cemani Eggs set March 1st, due March 3rd    12 Mille Fleur D'Uccle Eggs set March 3rd, due March 23rdA friend gave me 4 Mille Fleur eggs he wants hatched for him. The father could either be a Silver laced Wyandotte bantam or a Red Jungle Fowl, full sized. Going to set them tonight3/7  3/11  My candling results so far!

My Ayam Cemani eggs don't count, but are on day 11 now. 6/11 are alive. They were shipped really roughly from Idaho to California. Set March 1st.

My Mille Fleur eggs are in for HAL, day 9, I just candled them and only two were clears! 10/12 are alive! Shipped all the way from Georgia to California! That's a long way! Set March 3rd.

My 4 eggs from a friend that I set for HAL. On day 5, candled today and 3/4 are alive. Set March 7th.


BantyChooks aka Bubbles aka Banti 10 OEGB x silkie set 3/29.




Shahtir101 I got me a broody serama! She has 3 eggs under her right now and my friend is going to bring me more serama eggs to put under her tomorrow! That means I won't set for the EHAL, but will still be around the same time.  Set 6 more serama eggs They are due to hatch on the 21st of March! Right before my birthday! 3/12 I candled the broody eggs and only had to take out one that died earlier


lozerface79 aka Matt 3/18 Day 14. It looks like 12 out of 13 were fertile, the last one was either never fertile or died early. Alright 6/12 hatched! The rest have pipped! No more zips yet, but we have a few days!Day 20:
8/12 have hatched and we got one zipping and one trying to get out of its shell!


howfunkyisurchicken aka Nichole  EMU!





flocktastic aka Mrs. H Set 42 eggs tonight (3/5) at 11:11pm CST!

6 Ameraucauna eggs shipped from sahwithchicks
6 exchequer, 6 marans, 6 Ameraucauna from a last minute local source and 16 random barnyard mixes from our flock (includes barred rock rooster over Easter egger, barred rock, black jersey giant and black sex link)


chickygirl7 10 cream legbar eggs, which will hopefully hatch for Easter.


rlhagan56 Hello, hope I can join in here.  I started incubating my first batch of 21 eggs 4 days ago.  9 of them are shipped eggs and wouldn't ya know it, our electricity has gone off twice now and a blizzard hit after weeks of 60 degree weather.  I kept a quilt over the incubator and it only lost heat down to 84.9 degrees and the humidity climbed to 65 each time.  I just couldn't believe what happened!  I have  the 9 Ameraucana eggs, then my own EE, BLRW, and Silkie eggs.  All pullets so just an experiment.


justkat59 Hatched out 10 out of 16 shipped BCM. This is my second hatch this year. Also have 6 Pekin Ducks in the bator now due to hatch 3/18. Then putting in some leghorns after that. I also have a broody RIR that has set up her best in the Ducks house. Hatching is addicting.


shellikirbey 7 new baby's out of 10 looked like never turned and one did get in air cell but never pipped shell and the other looked liked only half grew..I had to help one cause it was Peck at top and made big hole at top but never finished zipping and was drying on bottom so I took finger in warm water and applied to dry spot until it come loose and it came out in my hand and I put back in incubator for awhile and he layed on side longer than others did but he is up and eating now.


Torch404 I set 6 eggs, brabanters, a couple days ago. Going to candle tonight and see if I have veins. I'm going to be adding six eggs a week a part and try for a staggered hatch. Excited!!!


billiejw89 3/7 21 of our eggs are still looking great! I'm fixing to order some serama bantam eggs from MPC, my son has been wanting some badly! 


politicalcenter We got 13 chicks total and a couple of duds. We have about 40 in the bator this time.


They are silver lace Wyondots (sp) and Buff Orpington. We also have a couple of Australorp. We just gathered the eggs and put them in


henhoneygirl I just love how perfect this hatch has gone!! Everyone that's pipped so far has hatched and I haven't had to help ANYONE!!! Even the chick that pipped on the wrong end did it all by himself! This is just awesome, I'm so happy right now!! I've learned so much since my very first time hatching and this just feels like the big culmination of everything I've learned. YIPPEE!!!!


Cochix aka Tricia 3 doz BBS Amereaucana's  1 doz mixed eggs - should produce EE and OE.  9:20 am -3/12  48 eggs loaded in bators, Lockdown today, having a bad run and only 13 into lockdown out of 46. Had incubator spike early. Pretty disheartening, not sure how or if any will hatch as 6 Of those I cant even see into, they are OE and Wellies.4/2 day 21 - three hatched so far


stryker 3 chicks hatched out of 15 eggs that went into lockdown!!! Two are roosters and one came out with two messed up legs. Think something is wrong with the joints. So out of the three I have two roosters... The way it is looking I might have go go the store to buy chicks to replace my older hens for this year...


Tao Chick Currently incubating 15 Cream Brabanter. Last hatch 1 Brabanter and 5 Pavlovskaya.


ruthannnall  3/17 22 magpie and mallard eggs into the incubator. Can't wait til day 28.


Laurel Meadows set 12 of my Marans due to hatch 4/1, and set 9 shipped Lavender & black split lav Bantam Cochins and 5 more of my Marans this week. They should hatch 4/5.


prizepete 4/2 did my day 14 candle last night, Out of the three that made it to day 14, two died sometime between day 8 and 13... So just one egg... again... I need to figure out if its my birds or my incubator, If its the bator I am going to email brinsea


HiddenFlockEC  3/18 Just set my first eggs, 12 Ameraucana and 6 of my mixed flock. Could be Buff Orpington/Rock, Orpington/Silver Laced Wyandotte, or Buff Orpington


deserteggs22 Last night I candled my eggs on day 14, and the 10 under mama are all doing perfect and I can see movement in all of them! And as for the 7 in my incubator, the 6 shipped ones have bad saddle air sack, but other than that, I can see veins and movement in all of them! Oh, and my one other egg in there is doing just fine!


LittleLakePhil 3/19  I set a dozen Khaki Campbell eggs.


Coreenelane 3/28/ On day 15 but think I lost alot of eggs to fluctuation of temp. What is the best/easiest controlled heating supply for incubators? I need one and have no idea what or where to get one.


lizzy14  I just put 27 eggs in our incubator!! This is only our second hatch and we made modifications to the incubator - added a fan this year.


imlovinmyskin Kathy  On day 22 of hatch #2 of welsummer eggs. Started with 23, had 8 viable eggs at lockdown. Had 3 moving at candle on day 21 but as of this am (now day 22) still no pips. I think my humidity was too high, air cells seem small  On day 11 of hatch #3 due 4/8.. Started candeling on day 10 to hopefully get a handle on my humidity issue. Hatch 3 has 14 welsummer eggs in turner. Hatch 3 is neighors hatch with a different Roo. Wondering if my Roo has a genetic disorder since first hatch was a complete dud..and it looks like 2nd hatch might be too.  4th hatch (due 4/18) went in Turner yesterday ... Will candle in day 7 to chk air cell and make necessary adjustments  I will have a successful hatch!!






Duck, Duck GooseA basic guide to caring for your new waterfowl

Chickens Commonly Raised for MEAT and Weights at Ages post #54051

Day 15 candles post #76732

Chaos18 Coop post #76177

Laurel Meadows Coop post #76681




help incu questions post #10735


Joey Ur-ur-ur-ur CLICK HERE

mrleeroy update post #57336

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Originally Posted by MotorcycleChick View Post

Our sleet began half an hour ago. The winds are probably 30 or 40 miles an hour already. I knew it was coming, but I still went outside in shorts and a T-shirt. While I was trying to rescue the plastic chairs and bench, my Drake was running around trying to keep up with me. I thought of Banti immediately!

Dawww!!!! love.giflove.gif
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Originally Posted by kwhites634 View Post

I'd say that sort of behavior, while not condoned, is certainly not worthy of police intervention. Kids will be kids; let them be kids.

No that is over the top....except was there a list of other behavior leading up to it...????
Originally Posted by attimus View Post

sleep can be overrated. I usually try and learn something new or start baking when I can sleep. I'm also a big fan of midday naps with the kid, good ol grandpa sure had it right. Lol.
That's ready to say...I'm a severe insomniac for past 40 years unfortunately I'm usually too darn tired to do something.....I try and my eyes don't want to even stay open....but I go lay down and boom I'm up. Swear to God I was awake most of last November....I stayed awake many stretches for four days straight...I told the doctor I didn't think that was possible...he said "oh yeah"....I'm not that bad this winter but my breathing had been better for the most part.
Originally Posted by Jessimom View Post

Good morning!! I felt like I had a stomach flu. My father had his taken out 7 days earlier. His pain was VERY different. By the time I drove myself to the doctor, I was in lots of pain, but not debilitating. Shifting was painful. My doc sent me across town to the hospital. By now, I couldn't walk upright. So the pain really didn't start until well into the 3rd day after it had burst. My surgeon came in EVERY morning, for 8 days, and said "YOU SO LUCKY". I had bags of antibiotics. Thankfully I ended up recovering completely.
I had no warning, I woke up one morning throwing up and felt sick. No local pain. The following night, I went to a concert because i felt a little better. The 3rd day was the worst.

My scar is an 8 inch slice from my belly button strait down. It doesn't quite meet my c-section scar. They did sew my belly button closed as well. I don't mind the scar, but like you, I also want my belly button back!!
Scars are hot....ok I just had to go there....
Originally Posted by daxigait View Post

Thanks anyway, I have never had it, but it was with a bunch of marked down fish after Lent. I thought I would try it.
Is always good to try new stuff....I had to beg my wife many times to try crab she loves them...yum
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Originally Posted by Sally Sunshine View Post





Contest #5:  Cutest Baby Fowl   Ends April 3rd

To enter, go here:


Contest #8:  Natural Egg Photo Contest  Ends April 5th

To enter, go here:


Contest #11:  Peeps Art Contest  Ends April 7th

To enter, go here:


Contest #12:  Wet Poultry   Ends April 8th

To enter, go here:








:hugs:love:hugs     image3553.gif




Congratulations to all!








@Debs Flock







@mlm Mike


@new 2 pfowl





@Scovy Momma




@Tevyes Dad












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