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Help hatching eggs

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I have a brand new incubator with automatic turner I had it set up two days then put eggs there are 26 eggs in it well the humidity is at seventy percent is that high
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Yes take some water out
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Try to get it 40 or 45% first 18 days
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Okay,thanks will do the eggs are on day four and there developing hope I get chicks I have both white leggings and production reds the roo is a production red
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And the incubator has had a temp spike of 105 four times I am so mad with this bator
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Good luck.. have you try ed searching some of the incubator threads.. alot good info there
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No not yet I just joined BYC yesterday will do though will keep thread updated
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Welcome to byc. Alot knowledgeable people on here.. I'd read the threads on incubation. . Great tips and tricks.. you will be glad you did
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Yes I will read bunch before I joined I read some that was helpfull..yes the incubator I bought where I live its the little giant 9200 witch I did not know it was discontinued so I called the Miller manufacturing company and I might be getting a brand new 9300 from them
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Have u hatched before Rod_T
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