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Alright Sheri :welcome great to have you joining the BYC flock :frow




Sounds like it was just the time for her to go is what is sounds like nothing on your part just part of having poultry :cd 




There is a lot of information to be found in the information center :caf

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Thanks gander007, I'm sure you're right. Seems these littles are more fragile than they appear!

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:welcome Welcome! I'm in Petaluma, and new to BYC too! So sorry to hear about your loss. I remember losing our first birds (to foxes! those scoundrels!) which was no fun. Sounds like it might have just been time for your girl. 


What breeds do you keep?

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Hi Modernsettlers! Nice to meet someone from the area :) I'm way out in west county, where are you? 


Good question re: what breeds. I was told my hen is an Araucana and that seems true enough from looks and the blue eggs, though she doesn't have big neck tufts like I've seen in online photos. The pullet and roo are RIR and Araucana cross. They appear mostly RIR, gorgeous reds and golds and browns. I am curious to see what color the pullet's eggs will be. 


I'm hoping to add to my wee flock after winter, though I'm tempted to get 2-3 more pullets now. It really is addictive!  

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We're on the east side, near the Kaiser. Not too far out there... just a little patch of dirt between a vineyard and some cattle.


It IS addicting. We are at capacity until spring time too, but I can't stop browsing egg auctions :drool we've been dreaming of adding some blue or green egg layers to the flock (probably CCLs). With RIR crossed in, I bet your pullets will be great layers. Our RIRs are machines!


Anyway, nice to meet you on here! I wonder how many other BYCers are in the area?

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