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What's going on?

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Every night I go out to my chicken coop and close the door to the outside run because all my chickens are on the roost. But tonight I went out there all the hens were on the roost but my rooster was outside in the rain laying down? What's going on?
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Was there any sign of injury on the roo?

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No I went back out there a few mins ago to check on him and I introduced two new hens to the flock in a cage inside inside the coop and he was laying on the ground next to it staring at them.
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Ahh!  OK so if you're introducing new birds, you're changing things and he probably doesn't like that.  He could be reacting badly and unsure if things are safe.  Hard to say, but the simplest answer is usually right with critters, and if that's your only environmental change, that'll do it.


My understanding is that the best technique for new introductions is to sneak them in after everyone else is asleep, then when they wake up they are assumed to just be part of the flock.  The cage method will likely work too, I haven't tried it before.


Good luck with the new friend-making.

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I did add one lady to the group a month ago...i put her in the coop at night after all sleep ....till today they still pullying her and pick on her...not attacking and when they feel something wronge i see her with te group ....feel sorry for her
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