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Ill Rooster, Dark comb/lethargic

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This Maran rooster is 7 months old. He eats crumble, scratch grains, and mash. He is housed with 3 other Marans and 4 Ancona ducks in an outside pen. They have straw to lay and scratch around in their pen, no coop, just a 3 sided pallet shelter. He's been off the roost for a few days, now the darker comb, and is lethargic. It has been a bit rainy. Any thoughts?
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Sometimes, if chickens get a little wet (especially bantams) they start acting lethargic and stop doing their normal activities. Make SURE he is dry and make sure he is eating. Try giving him some electrolytes (Gatorade). He could have cocci which can be treated with corid but I can't tell from the description. Have his droppings changed? If so, how?
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I have him in my dog crate in my house right now. His turds are runny brown and white Pretty much all fluids. None of the other welsummers or delawares are the same way. I have some yogurt in with him but he is pretty much just crouched down not caring about anything. I put him on a roost that's about 2 feet up and he jumped off and landed like a stupid pancake.
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It's sounds like he has coccidiosis. You may want to do more research though before you treat him. Corid treats it.
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I gave him force fed Corid and he case anyone reads this. Probably noticed too late that he was not roosting or crowing. No on I've spoken to has been able to save a chicken from this malady.
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If it was coccidiosis, treatment may have started too late.

Severity/rapidity can vary from bird to bird and depend on the strain of cocci.

It also could have been something else entirely.


Can you get a necropsy done?  That would provide you some answers and perhaps help in the event you have other birds become ill.

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Not sure. I blame myself. I am not rich enough to want to spend $150 on a vet for a $5 rooster. Sounds harsh but it's economics. None of the other birds are ill but ban keeping a watchful eye.
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