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Sick Trio

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My hen (Jack) and her chicks have been living in the pig pen for a few weeks. We lost a chick yesterday of hers, and I put it down to "It happens sometimes". Looking back, that was idiotic.  A few hours ago, I went out to check my hen and her chicks and they were fine. I went out a few minutes ago and her polish x chick was sitting in a corner, alone and not moving. I picked her up and she just kind of closed her eyes and sat still. I instantly connected the two sick chicks with the pig pen, and collected the rest of the chicks and locked them in the nursery. I took the sick chick (Cheeky) inside, then went back to the pig pen to ensure there weren't any more chooks in there. In another corner, sat my Silkie hen (Pinkie). 


My theory is that their little bodies can't handle something, a toxin maybe from scratching in the pig plop?, and this is their reaction. I syringed some apple cider vinigar mixed with water  into Cheeky's mouth. Their poo looks fine, and this is very very sudden. What can I do????

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Cheeky passed away 2 hours ago. About an hour ago, Pinkie looked like she was going the same way. I was holding her head up, she was just too weak. We had dug a hole for her, and I was just holding her till it actually happened. I was just asking my cousin if the hole was ready, when she started kicking at my arms. I put her on the ground and she stood up!!!! Then someone thought to give her electrolytes from a syringe, which had her walking around. She is eating and drinking by herself, and I've just put her to bed. 


In conclusion-Electrolytes, the best thing since sliced bread.

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I'm sorry about your chick. My first thought was they ate some of the pig poo or moldy feed. My father in law has been raising butcher hogs for 30 years and he says that chickens and hogs don't mix because of the diseases. Not sure if it's true or not, but maybe he's right! The electrolytes worked awesome for two if my hens a few days ago. I hope they continue to help your chicks out.
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