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Lump above beak

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We're trying to figure out the cause of a lump that has appeared above the beak of our 5-year old Silkie mix. We noticed it a few days ago. It seems pretty solid (not squishy), is dark with white spots, is not hot, and there's no bad smells coming from her mouth area. She doesn't seem bothered by it -- is eating, drinking, and pooping normally. We're trying to figure out if we should take her to a vet for treatment, or just let it run its course -- any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to BYC. I can't say that I have seen any growth like that before. Chickens can get a lot of strange growths and tumors. Silkies with their skin color look a lot different than other chickens, and it can be hard to tell about skin problems. Maybe someone else has a thought. Do you have any pictures of her before?

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