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I have bluekote but i was afraid to get it in her eyes
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I would keep an eye on the bully, and if it is just one, she may need to be separated for a few days to a week to lower her place in the pecking order. BluKote can be dabbed on with a cotton ball or QTip. Or wear rubber gloves and spray some on a finger. There is also BluKote that can be dabbed on.

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Pretty sure it was a coopers hawk that injured her. Found my dominique slaughtered yesterday evening and a coopers hawk has been in my yard all day scoping out my coop
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:(...Hawks are always coming back to kill more hens...You may want to build them a fenced paddock with some netting on the top

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Yes they are all in the run now and we are putting up some covered fencing tomorrow to make the run bigger since they can't free range now. Going to put up fake owls also.
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My injured girl is acting fine and i can't tell if her comb is black where it got ripped off or if its dried blood. I read on another thing its bad if it turns black? Why? She's acting totally normal. Should i put some blue kote on it tomorrow? I havent messed with it at all because shes acting normal and the bleeding stopped.
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You want to a big hatch stag ? I'll send you one of mine. That hawk won't know what hit him. I doubt the hawk would make it out alive, and if he does he will never come back. I got this stag because we had a feral dog problem. We haven't had one since.

This is not my stag,but they look very similar. My pictures have been malfunctioning and pulling pics from the thread i hope this is the right picture.
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I had a rooster too and rehomed hime because my dogs went nuts everytime he crowed. Wish i had kept him
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I had to do the same...Fake owls dodn't work for me, even though I would move their spot on regular basis. The bird netting was a cheap solution...Just takes some time to set up. Good luck

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It sounds like a happy ending for her. As her comb heals it may get a little blue don't freak. She should be ok. Sadly I have a story that I think will not have such a happy ending­čś¬ This hen was drug in by the raccoon family that lives under my home. The three raccoon kittens where playing with her when I heard her cries for help. She isn't mine and I have no idea where she came from. She can't walk and keeps trying to flip backwards. She is in a sorry state. Her feet seem not to really work. She drank a little water when I brought her in and cleaned her up. She felt cold so I put a warm water bottle next to her. [IMG][IMG]
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