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spraddle leg help?

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so I've got two chicks that have spraddle leg. they have improved, but not all the way. one is hopping but not putting weight on the off leg. the other is getting stronger but has not figured out how to move much yet. He manages but it's very "floppy" i've got them hobbled and am fixing to try making their feet flat to see if that helps. they have vitamins in their water and I believe there is a little bit of probiotics in those as well.. How Long do I give them to get better? They were born Monday evening. and is there anything else i can try? Thanks for any help!

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What are you using for hobbles? Strips of vet wrap are good to use and easy to remove if needed. Hobbles need to be used sometimes for 5 days or more. There also could be something else wrong, such as a slipped tendon or leg bone deformity.

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Right now I'm using bandaids. I can't tell if there is deformaties. I have noticed thier feet turning out so I got the card board an tape an made them "shoes". Im starting to think the one only jumping around on one leg had a slipped tendon. I could feel something slipping when I moved its leg earlier. Is there a good way to keep it from slipping?
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I can't post links right now, but if you Google "poultry pedia podiatry" there is a section on how to fix a slipped achilles tendon.

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Thanks I found it
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