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who's not laying?

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I am a beginning chicken owner, I have 4 hens and get 3 eggs a day. How do I know which hen is not laying without watching them all day? I have Rhode island reds.
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It is possible that all 4 are laying, but don't expect all 4 to lay every day.  maybe 1 or 2 take a break from laying, and resume the next day.   Another thing to consider is that chickens lay on a 25 hour cycle (most)..  That means that once it gets dark, and she did not lay an egg, expect it the next morning.    This rotation can throw of the  egg/day pattern. 

There is another method to see which chicken laid which egg.    It involves putting some food dye onto  a chickens vent. (not way inside)   The egg will have a streak of the food coloring on it.   You would need to use 4 different colors, one different on each hen.   Observe for a few days to see which hens are laying.  The food coloring is supposed to last a few days.   I newer did it but read  others that tried it with success. 

AND OF COURSE :welcome

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Thank you so much, I never thought about it that way. I'm still learning a lot. smile.png I'm enjoying my feather babies immensely and look forward to adding to them this spring. smile.png
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