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Need bumblefoot treatment advice

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A couple weeks ago, I discovered bumblefoot on both feet of one of my chickens. I tried doing the surgery treatment, and got out a bunch of stringy pus from both feet, though I was unable to find kernels. I packed the open wounds with neosporin, put gauze on and wrapped her feet in vet wrap. I've been cleaning her feet and re-wrapping them every other day, and while the new scabs look redder than they did before (previously they were completely black), her feet have not healed yet. I'm not sure how long this should take or if I need to go back in her feet and dig around again. Here is a picture of each foot:




She hasn't been limping any this whole time, if it makes a difference.


Thanks in advance, everyone!

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I think I would try to get the scab back off and see I you can get out more gunk.

Soak her feet in a little epsom salt water (warm) and work on the worst looking one and see how it goes.

I added a couple of links, if you haven't seen them, that may have some helpful hints.

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If it's been 2-3 weeks, I would do it again. If you have access to antibiotics and can do without eggs, I would give them to her. Some lesions don't have anything more than what you pulled out, so I wouldn't do any cutting into it & would just remove the lesion every 2 weeks or so. I also think a lot of people will disagree with that.
It can take several months to heal. At first, all of ours looked worse before they got better. Removing the cause of the injury is essential. They will not heal without that. Keeping it clean and padded under the vet wrap helps and so does padding the roost.
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Hydrocolloid patches worked better than anything else we've applied in the past 8 months of dealing with bumblefoot.

Although they are marketed as acne patches, they are not medicated and the smaller of the two sizes in the package was too small at first, but perfect as they healed. It took one month and their feet have completely healed.
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