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Crooked Beak

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One of my hens has a crooked beak. She is a mixed hen and she is 6 months old. We noticed her crooked beak after 3 months and named her "Catawampus" She interacts with the rest of the flock fine and eats and drinks like the rest. The upper  beak continues to grow as she gets older and is starting to curve back towards her neck. I don't know if the beak can be filed down to keep it from getting longer.






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Trim back the upper beak with a set of dog nail clippers. Just take off 1/8" every week. You will need to do weekly or biweekly maintenance the rest of her life. Give her a nice flat rock and see if she will do some of the honing.
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You need to trim the bottom & top. There are some great YouTube videos. It's easier to do then you think!
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