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sick Rhode Island Hen :( - Page 2

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a few bowls that hold about a quart or so

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ok will do!  I have been using a syringe about how much do get her to drink?

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I don't know but i had filled the syringe about four times about once in the morning and then I gave her another filled syringe or two in the afternoon before they head in
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we'll give it a try, i'll let you know how she does

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Ok so do u have a bowl or bowls to be a gallon or two gallons
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i mixed it in a gallon jug and filled dishes

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Ok just make sure she is eating enough and drinking enough of the water to be effective
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i'll try she did take 2 syringes of the med water but not happily.  Now she's laying with her head by the bowl taking some herself.  NOT eating though, hasn't for a few days now

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Mine did not eat either and did not take the food happily or the water but it was well worth it because she has been acting a lot better eating drinking and actually fighting for food when before she didn't care if she ate or not
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What kind of feed do you have
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