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You just withdraw it from the vial with a needle and syringe, then squirt it in the beak a drop or two at a time. I suppose it can be givenĀ to ducksĀ as well, but you can check with Amiga or some on the duck forum.

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Awesome thank you! I'll buy some today. Poor chickens. This Maine winter has been bipolar, wet and warm one week and negative digits the next, it's wrecking havoc on their health
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I can't find Tylan 50 in oral form, just the injection form. Can it be used either way even though it say that it is used for injection?
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Tylan 50 is injectable--but you can give it orally as well. Tylan 200 is sometimes the only one available, and it will work, but it is 4 times as strong. Just give 1/4 of the dose for 50 if using 200. Those are usually found in the cattle medicines in feed stores.

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I got her probiotics, electrolytes, and oxytetracycline and put them in her water. She does not seem to be drinking her water though. She seems to be having a hard time eating and drinking. She only is sneezing when she gets up or starts to move. She is wiping her face a lot on the ground and itching underneath her beak a lot. She seemed to have a hard lump in her crop the size of a quarter. I massaged it a little and then she pooped three times in a minute. Her poop looked a little yellow and a bit like yogurt the first two times. The third time, her poop looked a little firmer.

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Her breath smells pretty bad and she is eating shavings! I tried to get her to eat and drink but she wouldn't. I gave her some chopped up egg last night and she ate it all.

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I started a new thread because I found yellow lesions in her is the link.........

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