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Noir really is the coolest looking duck ever! I hope my chocolate runner looks like that someday smile.png can I ask what breeds yours all are? And can I add to your photoshoot? I spent some time outside with my flock today letting them forage while I slowly froze to my camera phone.

Pteroduckyl leading the crew in a stampede for mealworms! And lagging Tater in the back decides to cheat and take wing to catch up

Michelle showing off her feathers in the sun

And showing off her incredible flying skills

Biffy must be channeling some of Waffles's spirit with this oh-so-scary chest bump to show Jeepers who is boss.

Frankenduck and one of his mallard admirers

Seriously, have you ever seen a duck with a greener head than Frank's??

Dickie following his half sister, Snowflake.

Biff is FINALLY finishing her molt that has lasted for months! See her new flight feathers coming in? smile.png

Jeepers, Tater Tot, Potato and Duckasauras. They are little mealworms fiends!

I love these pictures of your ever so cute duck birds.  They are gorgeous, too.