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Possible prolapse

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I've got a two year old Araucana that may have a prolapsed vent. I've never dealt with a prolapse before so I'm not entirely sure what I'm dealing with. It looks like the top part of her vent is sticking out farther than normal and then was pecked by another chicken after the fact. It is bloody and looks like it's missing a chunk. She is still alert, eating, and active. I will post pictures soon. Thanks for any advice.
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It looks like you have cleaned it well.


You can apply something like vetericyn ointment or neosporin to the pecked areas. I'm not sure if it is actually prolapsed or not, but you could apply a little hemorrhoid cream to the vent (around the swollen part and a little inside as well).

If she is molting you may want to offer her some extra protein, either by feeding higher protein crumbles, tuna or scrambled/boiled egg. You could also add some vitamins/electrolytes to her water.


I would keep her separated until that is healed a bit. You may need to soak her in warm epsom salt bath for a couple of days, I'm thinking her bum will get messy when she poops. This will help keep the wounds clean, then reapply your ointment(s).

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In the event of a prolapse, does the skin start to discolor?
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Not sure what you mean by discolor.

Is it turning black or green?

A prolapse is where the "intestinal wall" is coming out of the vent.

Do you have a picture of the discoloration.

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I do not have a picture, I can get one tonight. Yes, it is turning green in color.
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Generally a green color is indication of bruising.

Of course you want to look for signs of infection, pus or foul smell.

Chickens heal fairly quickly, since it's in the vent area, keeping triple action antibiotic ointment (plain neopsorin without the "caine") or vetericyn or something similar will help promote healing.

Is she still eating and drinking well?


Found a couple of links that show green bruising.

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Just checking in, how is your girl?

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