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Well I like different colors in the flock and different egg colors as I want to also set up a breeding pen with what ever I get and when they are done laying for the winter the with be in with my mixed flock and I want as many eggs as possible and as I was leaning forwards the black jersey Giants I want chickens for eggs and they need to be cold and heat hardy as it gets any where from 104-10 degrees so it can even sometimes get in the - numbers and I free range and sometimes they are contained in there run when I go somewhere as I can hear Hawks during the day but the free range in the woods all day so they are fine. I don't really like the white eggs right now I have 3 brown layers and 3 green layers and I like a colorful basket I don't have any Easter egger hens but that is what my rooster is and he showed up at my house by far the nicest and caring for his lady's rooster there is

I would have to say for a sweet, affectionate hen you can't lose with a Buff Orpington! Mine would sit in my lap for an hour..doing her sweet chicken "whinny " and shut goo-goo eyes!😜
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I like my Rhode Island Red she jumps on my shoulder and acts like she is roosting when u go out to lock them in she would come out of there house when she herd me and jump up on my shoulder and fall asleep
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Don't get over excited over the Black Copper Maras----I have had 4 of them and once in a great while I would get a DARK egg but most of the time they  were speckled and maybe at best darker tan similar to a Rhode Island Red.

For what you pay for the BCM  they are not worth having unless you just like the look.

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Well ya u have to breed them to lay lay darker eggs but I don't really want to do that so I think I am going to get black jersey Giants
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Silkies or Cochins but I think it's going to be the Silkie or black jersey Giants
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If you like the blue Cochin, why not get a few?  It's not as if you'll never get a chance to get another type of chicken. Face it, you will never have enough chickens. LOL.:cd

We had a blue bantam Cochin who was very friendly and liked to be carried around like a cat. Now I have 3 Mille Fleur Bearded d'Uccle Bantams that came in a rescue who are so friendly I encourage visitors to hold them to have a "chicken experience".

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Well I would but I am on a limit as to how many chickens I am allowed to have and I already hit it but I can't sell hatching fertile eggs to people and keep eggs here to use for the amount I have now and I want to build a breeding pen in the spring and that's why I am wanting to figure out what breed to get before then so I can hatch them and they can move out to here pen in the spring once they are old enough to go outside
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I'm sorry for your loss
I have silkies ans cochins they are so sweet but the cochin lays larger eggs than my silkies but still small in the egg world light brown in color but all mine are just pets for me , although I'm also searching for cpl new breeds for egg production and followed your post to get ideas from ppl responding to yours , I've got some game birds also ando 2 turkeys brought to me at 2 days old orphaned but tame they are sweet but try to eat every bite of anything I take out as treats or feed but again the cochin are beautiful and funny but my silkies are the prettiest lil things and sweet , lord they are sweet funny lil things they run like they are bowlegged it's hilarious but I'm gonna follow this for ideas for my self thanks and good luck
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Yes u to hope u find something but I think I'm sticking with the black jersey Giants and the silkies I don't like the game birds
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I have White Chanteclers. I started off just wanting to help preserve the breed. Now it's more that I like them.
They lay brown eggs every other day or so. Calm, almost humorous behavior. I find you need to hold the roosters fairly often or they become aggressive.
Fairly thick bird bred for our cold Canadian winters.
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