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I think so. If I don't this evening it will be after work tmw before I can again. I'm afraid it will be to late at that point considering it will have been 48 hours...
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If you do, I would personally start by making sure the membrane is moist. Make sure you don't see any veins. Especially large fat veins. Check with a flashlight, looking in the hole. Very carefully you can chip away shell. Very small pieces towards the fat end of the egg. Air cell area. Work quickly but very carefully. I use tweezers for this. Never let the membrane dry out and don't let the egg get cold. Stop if u see blood at any time. Use a dry qtip to staunch bleeding. Small chips checking with a good light as you go. Once you have chipped away some ( dime size area) stop and evaluate and keep egg warm, put it back in bator. Ask questions and post pics for better help.
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How's it going ?
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Any update
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