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Drinkers and laying

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Two Qs for today!


1) I've seen a lot of people using drinkers for their quails.  Do you use any particular kind?  I can get the small animal ball bearing kind easily enough but I might have to go searching for another kind locally.


2) When can I expect my girls to start laying again?  They are kept indoors but without artificial light so will be going by the seasons.


Actually, make that three Qs (that second one reminded me of something).  Thoeretically speaking; if they had no natural light at all, would they still lay?  Just curious.

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1) I like these:


I've seen them in use but don't have any yet.


2) Depends where you live.  Probably around when they get 11-12 hours a day of light.


3)  They will lay indoors if light is provided for them.  I like 14 hours a day, but 12 seems sufficient.

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Oh, shoot.  I meant to add to 1 - can adult quails learn to use them?  My girls are all about 8 months, my roo I've no idea but I would guess around 2yrs old.


Thanks for the other info.  I am in the UK in Lincolnshire.

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I don't think it'll be an issue.  They're red, so the birds will check them out.  You can also fill them with your finger and they'll find the water. 

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Originally Posted by nikirushka View Post

Thanks for the other info.  I am in the UK in Lincolnshire.

Don't worry, I won't hold that against you.

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They learn to use them pretty quickly. I use ball bearing type as backup water in case their main drinkers leak/are empty/ dont dispense.
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They do seam to learn to use them but mine always seamed to struggle a bit and if you placed a qt jar with screw on lid full of water in with them they'd all crowed around like they were thirsting to death so i've swapped to the same cup style that are gravity fed rather then having the 'trigger' feed, they work much better BUT you do have to keep them mounted so they can't get underneath them or they like to push the cup up and overflow it. what i did was mount a small piece of plywood about an inch below the cup and it prevents this, depending on your cage setup you can mount the cup closer to the floor and not have this issue.


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I agree with jetcat on the cups. Needle nipples work a lot better although they leak a bit.
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