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Louisiana chicks

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My 2 boys are interested in buying some new chicks to raise and show in the fall.  They would like both bantam and standard bred. My oldest would love to show a polish bantam! Are there any breeders close to Shreveport?  And if not, where can I get quality show chicks?

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If all else fails, head down to your local tractor supply. They should be getting a variety of chicks in around the end of this month. I live in Baton Rouge and just picked up a few chicks from a small hardware/feed store. A lot of times tractor supply will have flyers or host events like a poultry trade were different hatcheries show off their chicks! Good luck!
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Thank you!  The local Tractor Supply should be getting their chicks in this weekend. May be time for a visit to TS.   Last year they were very limited on the breed selection.  We ended up buying from two local small feed stores and had excellent luck with them.  We will do that again if we are unable to locate someone local to get specific breeds.

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How did the chick hunt go? Find what y'all where looking for?
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The tractor supply in Hammond gets chicks in every Wednesday at noon. They also have a chicken swap the fourth Sunday of each month. Covington too.
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