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Ameraucana losing feathers?

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I went outside today and noticed a bunch of feathers in the coop. I have 3 other chickens and my Ameraucana is not at the bottom of the pecking order at all. When I picked her up, and set her back down, she shook like they do, and a feather came off. Is this normal or should I be worried?
Picture of the feathers and a picture of her

It doesn't look like she lost any feathers
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How old?

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1 1/2
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That's about the right age for her to have her first molt. It will probably be a light, partial molt, not enough to be really noticeable, but just enough to put her off laying for a few weeks. 

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She is a really pretty Easter Egger. I'm hoping for a pullet with similar coloring from my latest hatch of Easter Eggers.

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Okay, thanks! She stopped laying about a week or so ago. She went in the nesting box, but never laid. Could that be from the molt?

And thank you! She is a gorgeous girl. Hopefully you do get some with similar coloring!
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