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Foot paralysis??

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 I already posted these on the FB page but so far no replies.


I need some help for Betty 2, an 8 month year old Australorp. Putting her to sleep is a last resort so I am asking for help here. She has been perfectly normal until a few days ago when we found her huddled up on the coop floor. Her head was tipped forwards and she couldn't walk. (She had been stubbornly brooding in a raised nesting area for a week or so.) It has also been very cold here (-21) but my chickens are well protected. We brought her into the house and checked her. She was bright and eating but didn't want to walk. I thought she was eggbound and soaked her, felt in her vent--nothing. We took her to the vet Monday and he agreed she wasn't eggbound and there was no evidence of frostbite. She weighs 6 pounds. He thinks he has a temporary foot paralysis from getting beat up, put her on an antibiotic and Metacam, and said she should be better in 2-3 days. Well, she is a little better but still isn't moving much at all. She is still in the house. We take her out a few times a day to try to make her walk but she wants no part of it. She sits up and can stand. She is pooping and eating very well. The vet only gave me enough Metacam for 4 days but he just gave me 3 more doses. If you can take a look at her feet and see if there is something I can make to help her. She has improved since we found her but.... Betty 2 is a very nice hen and lays huge brown eggs and I hate to lose her. Thanks!!!

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I would get her on some poultry vitamins including riboflavin (vitamin B 2.) Riboflavin deficiency can cause walking on the hocks and curled toe paralysis. Make sure that she is eating and drinking well. Hopefully, it is just something temporary that vitamins and rest can help. Do yo know if she was vaccinated for Mareks disease as a chick? Let us know how she is getting along.

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 Thanks so much! She is walking better today if she is scooted--not too much on her own, but she is moving in her cage.

  What would the dosage be for the B2?

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 Oh--not sure if she was vaccinated before I got her but the vet is experienced in chickens and things it's a temporary paralysis.

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