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Egg bound??

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I have a 6 year old Barred Rock who is walking on very bent legs.She looks great, is eating tons of scrambled eggs, had greenish solid poop today, but won't stand.

I contacted an avian vet who said she could have a egg high up in the oviduct.  But I read another article that said if you checked your hen and didn't feel anything, then she wasn't egg bound.  I checked her yesterday and didn't feel anything.  She isn't straining at all.

Does it sound like she could be egg bound with a high up egg?  If so, what do I do? She acted like it hurt when I lifted her 2 days ago but doesn't act like she has any discomfort today. I have Tums on hand which I can mix with her food - they have 300 mg calcium in each tablet.

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Is she walking on her hocks or elbows? Has she laid eggs regularly in recent weeks or months? She might have injured a leg or be suffering from arthritis at her age. Internal laying can cause a reluctance to walk, weight loss, and abnormal droppings.  A riboflavin deficiency can cause walking on the hocks, and sometimes curled toe paralysis. Vitamins in her water might help. Can you post any pictures?

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