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A Staggered Hatch

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Ok, so I put some eggs on lockdown this morning and now it is day 19. I am starting to get really excited for the first batch to hatch, but I was looking up some information about when to take the chicks out of the incubator. The problem is I have two eggs that are 4-5 days behind the original group. When the eggs start piping, I just learned that if I open the incubator then the membrane will wrap around them and they will suffocate. Is it ok to quit turning these two eggs and just put them on lockdown early?


I am also having a problem with my humidity. What factors can affect this? I put two warm sponges in there this morning and the humidity was at a stable 65-70%, but when I got home today, it had sky rocketed. Is there anything that could of caused this? Like the temperature in the house or the weather outside?

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Well it might not effect the humidity but I would say it might be ventilation of ur incubator could the temps have gone up and ur thermometer be off as that might have a big inpact on the humidity and I to have just put eggs on lockdown this morning with eggs about 4-5 days behind the rest and would also know about that? Hope this helps
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My incubator is right here in my room and I can here the eggs moving around and stuff in there so I am hoping for some pips soon
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