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Feeding Chicks?

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Hi there, I've been searching around for awhile on when to switch chicks from a starter feed. I've found some useful info, but a lot of different sources say a lot of different things. I'll be a first time chicken owner in April or May, so I want to give my chicks the best. When did you guys switch your chicks to grower feed? I've heard 6, 8, and 18 weeks so far, but I'm not sure what I'll do. Also, what about kinds of feed? Should I give them crumbles or pellets when the time comes? Sorry, I'm new at this! Thanks for your help!

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in all honesty it really isn't detrimental to your chicks/chickens what age you swap them and everyone has their own personal preference.  back 30 yrs ago all i did was crush layer pellets into crumbles and i always raised happy healthy chicks. 


these days i feed a 28% starter crumble to all my chicks (chicken/quail/duck) and i keep them on that for at least 4 weeks, the higher protein gives them a good head start, after they are fully feathered and weened off heat i swap all chicken/duck to a 22% pelleted feed.

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Thanks! smile.png
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you're welcome.

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