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Is this Fowl Pox??? HELP!!!!!!!!

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Last week, little black dots appeared on my Rooster's comb and waddles. So I've been using Vetericyn on it and I've been rubbing Vaseline on his comb. The black dots seemed to be slowly fading away, but more slowly started popping up. Then, today, another Rooster of mine had TONS of black spots on his comb and waddles. His looked more scab-like and protruded out of his comb, while my other Rooster's seemed more embedded in his comb. So I've been spraying Vetericyn and rubbing Vaseline on both. My question is; what is this, how did it happen, and how would I cure it? I just really hope it isn't fowl pox. I've been reading threads with this similar situation and I've been getting mixed reviews. Have a good evening, everyone!


PS: They are both in separate cages so they have no contact with each other.


The Rooster with not a lot of black dots: 



The Rooster with more black dots:

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Do you have mosquitoes out right now where you live? I swear, those look like peck marks--are there any other chickens with them? Are there flies that could be biting them? If it is pox, it is a virus which will run it's course over a couple of weeks. In the 3rd and 4th pics the spots are close to the eyes. If it is pox, then I would use some Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment twice a day.

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It's been cold where I live, so there are really no mosquitoes or flies I've been seeing at least. And they are both in a cage by themselves, so no chicken-to-chicken contact. Just the 3-5 picture looks really bad like he has more "scabs" than my other Rooster. 

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Perhaps they are hurting themselves on the wire in the cages? It isn't fowl pox if there are no insects to spread the virus.

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