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chick toy

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Gave them a mirror today i think they like it what do u think lmao
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How cute. I got them a chick stick, but they didn't show much interest at first. Now they love it and will chase each other around when a bigger chunk comes off. They're too funny. 

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What a great idea! I am thinking I may do this, mine are afraid of the tinker toy perches we created for them. We call it The Sky Is Falling effect. They all act like they are being attacked by the toys. 

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Can you use a bird bell or perch for baby chicks? What about a pop bottle?
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They are hilarious with the mirror, as all their little fuzzy butts fight to fit in front of it. The bell they peck at occasionally hasnt been a huge hit. The perch they looooooooove. Ive noticed a remarkable improvement in their balance on it in a day and its been fun to watch them learn. Now they will start at one end and run the whole length of it:)
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