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Wound help

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I have a Buffy that was attacked by a dog. The wounds do not look too bad. I cleaned them well and am using Vetricin (SP?) three times a day. Everything seems to be healing well. The problem is, she is not eating much or drinking much water. I know this doesn't help the healing process. It has been three days so far. How soon before the lack of eating is a real concern?
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Dehydration is the big worry. Try placing the tip of her beak in water and to help encourage eating try scrambled eggs tuna etc. 

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Thank you for your help. She does drink a little bit of water, we tried cottage cheese which is a flock favorite but she barely tasted it. We wonder if she is pining for company? We let the other chickens visit yesterday by opening the garage door and she perked up a bit.
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If the wounds are not that bad and seem to be healing nicely let her out with the others and see how it goes. If they start pecking at her or the injuries I would separate again. 

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Okay, thanks, we'll try that. It scares me that she might pick up an infection or get pecked at and be back where we started.
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Not sure how bad the wound is and as long as you continue to keep it cleaned etc and monitor her with the others I would say give it a try. You can always bring her back in at night. Or try bringing one of her friends in with her for a bit and see how she reacts. 

After an attack the bird can be stressed out and it does take a few days to recover from that. They are quick resilient though.  

How is she acting otherwise? 

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She did pretty good with the flock today. Brought her back inside to clean and disinfect wounds. Keeping her inside at night as she lost quite a few feathers in the attack. I think we are in the right track.
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big_smile.png glad to hear she is doing good. Keep up the wound care and she should heal up nicely
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