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Coop size

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Good morning!  So I built our coop over the winter to make it 8x4 and I installed 3 roosts in it all three just shy of 4' long.  I also have a outside run attached to the coop that is 20x10.  Well we ordered 6 barred rocks and might wife went into TSC and caved into the cute little chicks with by daughter.  So they bought 6 more.....  What are your opinions on the housing situation?  Do I need more roost space or am I going to be okay?  Also they will be free range usually when someone is home otherwise they will have access to the run every day.  Thank you!

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Well I would wait and see how they are with the roosts and see how much space they have left over once they are all on and I have two roosts that are about 6 feet long with 8 chickens and a turkey hen and they have more than enough room plus I just hatched a few more chicks so there will be a few more birds on the roosts minus the roosters they will go to the neighborsif they want them for there flock I just gave them one but they have a big flock.
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O and the chickens can all fit on one of the roosts and plus they still have a little bit of room left so then the turkey wiggles on up there and she will sometimes set there or she will go to the lower roost
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