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ran out

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i didn't realize i was running low on chick feed and this morning my chicks ate the last of what i had and i won't be able to run to the feed store until tomorrow morning. my chicks are between 3-5 weeks. that being said will they be okay until tomorrow morning or is there something i could feed them that most people have in their pantry.

thanks for reading:)

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They will probably be just fine, if you would like feed them some hardboiled eggs, they love it and it is full of everything they need.
ETA: Any cooked egg is good, hardboiled is best but fried works great too
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If you have other animals, try feeding your chicks some of their feed. Chickens are omnivores, so yes, they can eat meat.


You could also try some cooked rice or other grain, and some cooked veggies. 


It won't hurt them to not have a perfectly balanced diet for one day.

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