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4x6 Coop Build

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So I have started construction of my coop, after many many ideas and different renderings, phew my brain is fried...


Anyhow I got started today and framed up the floor and walls. I had originally planned on placing sheathing inside over the studs. My thought was that it would make it easier for cleanup without all the little crevasses exposed and maybe retain more heat in winter but now I'm thinking maybe that extra work is unnecessary? 


Thanks for any advice, I'm excited to join this community :)

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I would not overdo it. One of the main purposes of sheathing is to add rigidity to the structure. As long as the outside is covered in sheathing or siding like T-111 (make sure you paint it!), that's all you need.


I can understand the cleaning argument, but for me I'd rather spend an extra 5 minutes sweeping shavings out of stud cavities than spend the money on extra sheathing and the fasteners to hold it on to the inside of the coop. It adds up quick! As for warmth, if you have the proper amount of ventilation, I don't think you'll be gaining much if anything at all. 


Also, post a progress pic!

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Today progress. Got the walls mostly framed. The short side will have a trap door to the interior nesting boxes and a plexiglass window above it. Right side will be a large access door for me to clean and high vents on both sides, far short side will have the chicken door to the run, I'm thinking gouillotine.
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