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Originally Posted by blucoondawg View Post

You might consider a setup like this the tank heater will use far less electricity than running 2 heat lamps and the chickens don't need heat anyways
X2. Plus, heat lamps in the coop are a huge fire hazard.
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I use vertical nippers in 5 gallon buckets. They will find it.

My chicks in my last batch stared using nipples within 20 minutes of them being in the brooder. I did not have to show them anything. I put the nipples into a gallon ice cream jug

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Thanks for the info blucoondawg this coop was thrown up over night knida and is pretty drafty that's one reason I have the heat on plus one of the heat lamps is a clear one for extra daylight as at 9000ft we aren't getting full amount of daylight for egg production.

but I'm thinking of doing a auto watering system when I build the bigger coop/barn.

thanks again

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Originally Posted by WVForestGirl View Post

Mine hangs so that they reach up to drink. Took them several hours to figure it out. Maybe click the nipples so they have drips hanging from them so they find it when they start looking for something to drink. Then it's best to walk away or you'll go crazy worrying wink.png
Did you hang it in the same place where the water used to be?

Also, from what I understand, the vertical nipples will freeze even if the bucket has a heater in it. I use horizontal nipples on my heated buckets. These have an o-ring so they don't have water inside them like the vertical ones do.

Good luck, I hope they figure it out soon!
Is that a purchased waterer, or something you put together? It looks great and obviously the birds like it! I tried to zoom in on the horizontal nipples but my phone would only go so big. I would like to use this model if it is a store bought item, if you made it I would like to copy your idea!!
Thank you for posting
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Thanks, I built them with 2gal fortiflex buckets and nipples I bought at TSC/Amazon/eBay. I drilled 11/32" holes, wrapped a bit of Teflon tape and screwed them in. Easy peasy. The lid is just a lowes 5gal bucket lid with a couple notches cut in the edge for the bucket handle to fit in. I put a bungee across the top, probably unnecessary but they do jump on it (especially the littles). Here's a half picture of one with horizontal nipples.
Just let me know if you want me to take some more specific pics.
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