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Taking a break

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I have a small backyard free range flock of mixed breeds (buff brahma x, rir brahma x, speckled, americana, etc,). They will be a year old soon. They layed well all winter but I recently added a new rooster and the production has decreased as of late. The weather has been nice lately and all the birds seem in good health. So I'm wondering if hens take breaks from laying and so any insight as to why the decrease would be appreciated.
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The introduction of a roo should not, in theory affect egg production. Having said that, if he is rough on your girls, the stress of being mated frequently and roughly could be a reason. The suggested (though not written in stone) roo to hen ratio is 1:10. As some members rightly point out, even with such a ratio, a roo seems to have his favourite girls and they can be stressed by his attentions. 


Maybe others could suggest other reasons for a reduction in egg laying.


All the best


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