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Proper candling

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Happy Easter everyone.PTL We are all blessed.(especially those with chickens)❇ I bought an auto Turner for my Inc. because my first attempt(only a few eggs) I didn't turn them regularly. I'm now on day 15. When should they be taken out of the Turner. I'm having a hard time candling with brown thick shells. What's the best way. I've read BYC threads on it,but think I'm missing something. Thanks for all the help I've gotten on this site.I have friends who give different advice,but I always like to go to different sources than decide which sounds best for my chix.
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Candling brown eggs can be difficult.  I typically use a high power LED flashlight. Still, all you can see if a solid blob versus a floating yoke.  Compare one of your freshly layed eggs. Take out any that look like the freshly layed egg.


I usually don't candle until day 10 or so. And since all of mine are dark eggs, I just let any that look viable go for the duration.


Take the eggs out of the turner on day 18 and adjust your humidity level.

Good luck with it.

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