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How she been doing?

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She's doing good! Got her cast off and is walking good. I just picked up a month old duckling from the feed store to be her friend now that she can get around better. This duck is much smaller than her though so I'm not sure how they should meet... Do you have any sujustions an letting them meet?
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Put up a pen next to hers so they can see each other but can't get at each other. Keep them a part for a few days, once they seem comfortable with each other let them have supervised play time together. Do this and each day let them stay together for a longer and longer time until you trust them together alone. If you want them to sleep in the same coop I use a dog carrier and put the new duck in the carrier so they can once again see each other but can't hurt each other and they learn that this duck lives here. What kind of duck did you get?

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I'm not sure what kind it is. It's about a month old so it's pretty big and is all back. I'll post a pic
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I totally understand what your going through!! My ducks were killed by a mink and one survived with cuts and she isn't able yo walk that well either!! If you are willing to I would keep her inside knowing she might run or fly away.
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well, the duck we helped was wild. We got her at the pond in our neighborhood. She had gotten attackted by a turtle. She's doing better now, but is so unfriendly. She hisses anytime we go too close and bites hard! Lol we got this duckling to help her see that it's ok at let humans be your friend. I just am worried that the bigger duck will be mean... We showed the duckling to her while I was holding the duckling and she seamed curious but didn't do anything. I'll try putting the duckling next to her while the duckling is in her clear cage and see how it goes
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They kinda look like a cayuga duck. You should hope it is, that's a really good breed! They're the second quietest duck breed and they're very easy to tame though yours already looks that way. They're really cute!!!!!:loveI hope they get along, having a friend will really help her stay happy and it is possible that this duckling will help her trust you more. Whenever I get a new duck they usually end up coming over to me because my mallard drake is either getting treats or just cuddling me and they want in on it. This wild girl may be a bit trickier though, it'll probably take a long time before she trusts you completely and even then she may still run and hiss at you. Small steps with her.

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I would give her some time if she is still in pain because my duck when hurt didn't want anything to do with her babies. It took about 1-2 weeks for her to finally warm up to anything being around her, is she able to walk?
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Well it's been almost 2 weeks now and they are BFFs. The little one loves daisy' we named him daffy.

Daisy is making amazing progress and is improving everyday! She walks in her foot just fine and is getting her feathers back that she had lost from stress. So glad they get along.
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Oh how cute!!! I'm glad to hear she's gettung better and is liking her new friend. Is she warming up to you any?
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