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Both look like boys
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Thanks Kara, I will check some out&see if it matched up.
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I'm sort of wondering if we both have light brahmas!  As far as I know, Columbian Rocks should have white wings but this is my first time with chicks so I don't know if they lose any of their first feathers?  I guess it's all a waiting game with these babies!

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This is my 6 week old light/dark brahma cross pullet or roo??
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Pullet or roo?
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Could you get a better picture?

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My very first hatching at home from my Bantam Calico Cochins These two were hatched April 1, 2016 so they are 4 weeks old in these photos.I know Bantams are hard to tell but with the lack of comb I am hoping they are both pullets?



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To young to say for sure but number 2 looks like a possible cockerel.

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