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Sick chicken, help!

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I just noticed my one gal was not with the group, when I picked her up her vent was a mess. It's swollen, red and a discharge. Her feathers are all rig felled n she's not moving around. She almost looks n feels like there's an egg in there but can pass it?? I'm New to this ,can anyone give me suggestions????
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Can you post a picture of her vent? A vent prolapse may be possible, but she could have had some vent pecking from the other chickens. Loose droppings can collect and flies can deposit maggot larvae which can be deadly. Pictures can really help. If you suspect a stuck egg, poke a finger inside an inch or so, and you should feel a hard object if there is an egg.
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After my post I talked to a neighbor who had a chicken farm n suggested I do the same, so I did n I helped her pass a lot of reddish brown hard stuff and one piece larger than an egg. After reading up on things it sounds like she has egg yoke peritonitis. I cleaned her up n put her to bed. Tomorrow (if she makes it they the night) I'm going for some antibiotics! Poor girl, she was fine thus AM😔

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Give us an update on her condition when you have any news. It's good that your neighbor was helpful.
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