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Newbie here please help me..

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I have two chicks that are about 4wks old and have been what kinda sounds like a sneeze and pooping a lil weird and shaking there heads a lil too what to I do? Someone said to give oatmeal for losse poop and that has helped some..
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Are you just feeding them chick starter or what? In the photos it doesn't look like there is much food in the poop. Try giving them some grit so they digest the food better if they are still eating.

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I just got them some mealwarms and grit hopefully this helps they are all eating and drinking fine
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At 4wks old are they still in a brooder with heat?

What type of food are you normally feeding?

You mention that they are sneezing - any coughing, discharge from eyes or nose?

Mealworms make a fine treat, but should not exceed more than 10% of daily intake. Growing chicks need to eat a main ration of chick starter to ensure they have the proper amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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They are eating and drinking.. They are on chick starter but I added this to it so they would eat more I just check on the and their was was gone as I only filled it half way to see if they are drinking it good which they are and their food was also gone as well. They aren't snezzing much anymore and the cough isn't there no discharge from eyes or nose.. I gave them probitics also in there water it also has helped they are still shacking their heads tho... Poop is looking much better also could it just be a cold?
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What breed is your chicks?

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