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Please help

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4/10/16 - My April is not doing so well.  She's been drooling sometimes clear and other time with odor.  Pretty laid back and not the perky hen she usually is.  It's been about three days.She is moving around more than the previous three days but her crop seems really big - actually bigger on one side.  Her comb is flopped over and I cannot see her eating, won't go for the meal worms she usually loves - will drink water.  I'm about to give her some chopped tomatoes as I saw on another post.  Any other ideas please?  :/

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It has a spring cold.  We take vapor rub and rub on the noses and it helps but what really helps alot is give a shot of penicilian and if the place on the nose gets bigger put a shot of the antibiotic in the swelled up spot and it will heal right up.

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For anyone that wants to know, I tried the chopped ripe red tomatoes and used a dropper and fed her the juice and some olive oil.  She is out and about and eating meal worms again. :weee

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Do you have grit available for them?
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