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All wire day cages

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Ironically, I am a bit of a wood freak but I decided to eliminate as much of it as I can from the day cages for my Serama.

The cages are in a paddock. My only daytime predators are hawks.

I use the J clips as fasteners.

This cage took about an hour to build.



I've started the next cage and am trying to make it more refined.

The top will open on this cage.



I improvised a bending brake with 2 hardwood planks, 2 clamps & a lump hammer.


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Those cages aren't secure enough, and other predators will show up sometime.  Big dogs, foxes, raccoons, who knows?  Mary

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I've had these birds for 6 years. 

They are inside a fenced paddock.

The only predators that show themselves around here during the day are hawks.

The birds are put in smaller secure cages that are inside a goat house at night.

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