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temp variance

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Seems no matter the adjustment I make to the water heater thermostat there is a 4 to 5 degree variance btwn the highest and lowest point. The best  currently is 97 to 102 since the avg is 99.5, but will this work? I've read so much about keeping temp constant I'm wondering if that difference will mean no peeps hatching? I'm wanting to start with a small batch of 6 to begin with. Anyone have a suggestion? Its ahomemade incubator out of an old ice chest, btw.

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IT WORKED! :thumbsup


I didn't get any reply from anyone about it, but today is day 20 and we have 1 chick so far! My husband was upset to see the thermometer knocked over this morning so we couldn't see what the humidity was to see if we needed to add any more water thru the hose. lol... I was wondering how that could've happened and when I looked the light was off, but upon getting a flashlight to look in the window, I see our first lil fluff ball sitting in the corner! My two lil boys are as excited as I am.


I need to take some pics but just THANK YOU to everyone for posting good information about making homemade incubators! I won't open up the incubator until day 23 to get this lil peep out, but hopefully all is well in there by the grace of God and we will have a few more pop outta their shells too! The thermometer is one we got from Lowe's for 8 something to make sure we could monitor humidity. We didn't add any water until day 18. Yesterday (day 19) I added a lil more because it dropped down to 22% somehow. I will add a lil here or there to keep in that 45-65 range I keep reading about. Go peeps, go!


If we could figure out where our bantys are setting on their eggs we may switch out some of their eggs for barnyard eggs down the road; but my oh my if we can just hatch out a couple here and there, we will replace our older girls who don't hardly lay anymore in our big coop. The local co-op is charging 6 bux a chick these days for couple day-old chicks so this is totally a waaay better option. I'll keep posted to try things to improve our hatch rate in the future if we need to. 



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