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Trying to figure out what kind of duck he is, was sold to me at 2 days old as a pekin, deffintly not a pekin.
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With his teenage feathering it is hard to tell. Maybe a Welsh Harlequin drake. You may have to wait until after his first molt.

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My welshies don't carry their body that way, nor have that much white around the collar.  Some kinda runner is my guess.

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My WH used to stand like that a lot when they were younger, not any more. I think the large size of the collar has more to do with it not being to breed standard. I think most breeds that have it are supposed to have a thin, uniform white band, but that's just based on pictures. I don't know all the breed standards by any means.


It could be a Runner but it doesn't seem slender enough to me. Does is walk around upright? If it almost always walking around like that then it would be a Runner. If it is a Runner, it could be a Trout Runner. They have very similar markings to WH.

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He stands fairly upright but now as upright as our khaki Campbell. He's pretty upright here cause he was kind of excited I had just put him down to clean their enclosure and the other was Calling to him from the cage still.
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