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Blister on ear lobe? Scab on comb?

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Hi all. Our flock of 5 are almost 3 yrs old. Laying well, acting chicken normal. They are free range on weekends and after work. Worried. On one, a blister on rt ear lobe x 3 weeks. Also, lobe not smooth, like usual, looks a little lumpy. Other has small scab on rt side of comb, just saw for first time this weekend. Thoughts? TY
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The blister on the earlobe is hard for me to see, and I don't have any idea what it may be other than an injury, abscess or cyst. The comb looks like it has been pecked a couple of weeks back, and is healing.

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Thanks for responding.
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You are welcome. If you can repost your picture in the larger format (medium,) someone may be able to help you identify what the growth on the earlobe is.
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Hi. Tried to post bigger and comparisons. Thanks.

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Hopefully, a little easier to see and, for comparison. Thank you.
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