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I take my 3 buff orp girls out for short excursions on warm sunny days, like today.  When I take them out, I give them my full attention making sure I know where they are at all times.  So far, they are very good about not straying too far.  This morning as I watched them play, I contemplated letting them stay outside while I work on my veggie garden.  While I'm thinking this, I see a huge hawk start gliding towards us.  Its wing span was at least 4 or 5 feet.  I stood up and started bellowing, waving my arms, doing everything to make myself scary.  The girls ran between my legs.  This hawk came within 20 yards of us before having a change of heart.  I couldn't believe how brazen this bird was; he thought he could get an easy snack while I'm standing right over them!  The hawk was intimidated this time.....but will he get brave and try again?  Do I need to entertain the possibility that I may have to physically battle a hawk?  I was planning on free ranging the girls when they are all grown up, but now......I'm not so sure about that.  It seems a shame to keep them penned up when we have so much property for them to roam.  I don't want to lose them either.  I am emotionally attached to them even though they are technically livestock.



My other question is about chipmunks.  We have so many running around the house.  They are cute n all, but are they little demon chick slayers in disguise?  Would a chipmunk attack a baby chick?  I ask because the second outside excursion they had today I noticed a chipmunk stalking us.